Is there any cover in the field if it starts to rain?

Most fields have a shelter to provide cover from the weather.

Do you have toilet facilities?

Unfortunately there are no toilet facilities.

Is there somewhere I can park?

There is a car parking area next to the dog field.

How big are the fields?

Each field varies in size but they are at least 1.25acres.

What is the policy on dog poo?

Our poo policy is that if you see it you pick it up.  Given the size of the field it is possible you may miss your dog’s poo, but we ask that if you see any poo you pick it up and someone else will see your dog’s poo and pick it up.  Let’s keep the fields clean and dog poo free for everyone’s enjoyment.

We ask that you lift your dog’s poo using the bags provided in the park and place it in one of the many red bins.  These special bags allow us to compost the waste.

How do I amend my booking?

Bookings are non transferrable, but in exceptional circumstances we will try our best to help you change your booking.  Please contact us by email at  Unfortunately we cannot change bookings for inclement weather, but there is a shelter in the field to provide cover whilst your dog exercises.

What are your opening hours?

April to September 7.00am to 9.00pm

October to March 7.00am to 5.00pm

I am unable to open the lock with the PIN code provided?

Please contact us immediately on 07717 162879.

How do I book and pay?

Bookings can only be made online and you can pay by debit or credit card.  You will be sent a confirmation email and it will contain the PIN code to access the facility.

Is there a maximum number of dogs I can bring?

The booking covers up to 4 dogs, but you can book additional dogs up to 8 in total.  All we ask that you have sufficient supervision for the number of dogs.

Can a group of us come together on one booking?

We would love you to bring your friends as long as the booking covers all of the dogs in the party.

How far in advance or how late can I make a booking?

We are open for bookings several months in advance and the park can be booked as late as half an hour before use, providing it is available for hire.

Will there be other dogs in the field?

The field is for your exclusive use, but feel free to ask along your friends and their dogs to share it with them.