The Kilmarnock fields are located just off the A76 equidistant between Kilmarnock and Mauchline.   The two fields share the same entrance road but each has its own parking area.  The Bargower field has an unloading area to allow your dogs direct access from your vehicle to the field.

Bargower Field

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The Bargower field is located adjacent to the Mauchline field but there is screening between the fields for privacy.  There is an unloading area so that you can let your dog directly from your car into the field.    There is a shelter, picnic table, water and everything your dog will need.  There may be livestock in the adjacent field. During the summer months this field has a section of longer grass to add to your dog's fun.

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Mauchline Field

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The Mauchline field is a gently sloping field with a picnic table, water, poo bags and bins.  The car park is only 10m from the gate and there’s lots of space to park.  The field adjacent to the dog run may havelivestock in it but it is well screened with hedges. The Bargower field is next door, but is screened with shade netting.

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Opening Times

Open Monday to Sunday 7.00am – 9.30pm

during daylight hours


Take the A76 from Kilmarnock heading for Mauchline. After passing through the Crossroads Roundabout, the field is sign posted on the left after approximately 1.3 miles.


Run Free Dog Fields - Kilmarnock, Mauchline Rd, Kilmarnock, UK

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